What kind of skylights should be selected for the FRP panels used in the greenhouse?

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Time: 2018-08-10

What kind of skylights should be used in the greenhouse? Bognard and I would like to talk to you about this, because greenhouse is the solar greenhouse that has been vigorously promoted in recent years. The greenhouse in the FRP plate also needs to control the temperature inside the greenhouse. Besides the thermostatic facilities, the skylight is also a key design of the FRP plate greenhouse. The design of FRP roof skylight is crucial to the growth of greenhouse plants, and the price of FRP roof panels is also very ideal.

FRP sunroof can quickly adjust the temperature in the greenhouse to form the required and rapid growth temperature of plants. Speed up the circulation of air in the greenhouse, which can effectively let plants and animals inhale carbon dioxide and other needed elements; It also allows the greenhouse to effectively release the heat generated by the thermostatic facilities in the greenhouse. Therefore, the design of FRP solar panel greenhouse skylight is an effective method to save energy, reduce emissions and improve the air environment in the solar greenhouse. Therefore, the design of the skylight is the key element of the greenhouse.

There are three kinds of skylight modes in FRP light-harvesting greenhouse: continuous gear rack system drive; Another is to use the inflatable poly window, that is, inflating or deflating the air bag to complete the closure and opening of poly window; Manually manually close skylight mode automatically.

The skylight of borgner FRP solar panel greenhouse can be designed as a continuous opening or intermittent opening along the roof of the solar panel greenhouse, but it mainly considers the direction of wind direction of the ground, which can not only rapidly blow into the peripheral air, but also benefit the indoor air emissions. Continuous skylights are often used and driven by a continuous rack and pinion system. This basically fully automatic design, the SLR of the skylight is more, multiple consecutive skylights can also be opened and closed together by separate gear and rack system, that is, the torque distributor on the window shaft is connected with the input shaft of the turbine worm reducer, and a turbine worm reducer drives a skylight. Such a design is advantageous to adjust the skylight according to the wind direction.

The skylight of FRP light-harvesting greenhouse USES the inflatable poly window, that is, inflating or deflating through the air bag, to complete the closing and opening of the FRP light-harvesting plate window. In this way, the speed is relatively slow. Choose the low-cost FRP light-harvesting plate solar greenhouse. This design is mainly cost effective. It is mainly used in small greenhouses to save cost and facilitate the automatic closing of skylight mode by manual labor. Since small greenhouses generally have 1-10 skylights, most of which are one, automatic gear skylight cost is too high, and it is better to use manual manually closing skylight mode.

How through the above explanation, you have a new understanding of the skylight system of borgnell FRP lighting panel, so that you no longer have to choose the skylight.

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