Sunshine board price or quality first

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Time: 2018-08-10

One, the difference on raw materials: raw materials we also divide into imported raw materials and domestic raw materials as well as recycled materials. Non - recycled raw materials are also divided into the original and secondary brand, is the plate level or injection molding level. The raw materials are divided into pure PC recycled raw materials and modified PC raw materials. The price of different raw materials varies from 2000 to 10000 yuan. This also leads directly to differences in the price of finished products.

2. The degree of difference in thickness (specific gravity) is beyond reproach. The more raw materials used for sufficiently thick plates, the higher the cost. Many manufacturers to reduce, many manufacturers are also on this article. Not add or add enough thickness.

3. Whether the anti-ultraviolet coating is added or not, what is the thickness of the coating? According to Beijing latitude calculation, the annual loss of uv coating under outdoor ultraviolet irradiation is 3~5um. Ten years of skin co-extrusion uv coating should not be less than 60um.

Iv. Selection of mechanical equipment. Due to the limited technical level and professional experience, the domestic PC sunboard production equipment is different from the foreign ones. It is also another reason that leads to the price difference of PC board products.

Nowadays, the quality of PC sunlight board varies, and the price is different. There are a lot of different products at different prices in different markets now, but ordinary people seem to see the same sun panels at different prices and of different quality, no matter the color, transparency, intensity, etc., it is impossible for professionals to distinguish the quality of their products. Because of the above situation, so many people can only purchase PC sunshine board by intuition, but when choosing, the price is a threshold, the choice is expensive, and afraid of being cheated by the business, if the choice is cheap, the heart of the know cheap goods do not have good. So the vast majority of people choose the middle class in the mouth of merchants, prices are also mid-range PC sunlight board use. In fact, we choose PC sunlight board, whether it is better with price or quality, or we need to choose according to our own needs, we need to find out where the sunshine board is used and what kind of demand to consult merchants, which is the best method.

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